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Information for the 2014-2015 season will be available in August.

Solar Stage is very proud of its past productions and feels privileged to be able to continue the tradition of introducing children to the wonderful delights of theatre and music.

Please call us to find the show and package that will provide your child with a memory to be treasured.

Zenon Skrzypczyk, Artistic Director

Policy Regarding Children Under The Age Of Three

Even though our shows are geared for children from ages 3 to 10, our policy is that everyone entering our theatre, no matter what age, must have a ticket, including babes in arms.

We recommend that babies and children still in diapers not be brought to our shows. There are no diapering facilities inside the theatre or in the lobby washrooms. In order to leave the theatre you must cross the stage in full view of the audience and the actors.

If you choose to bring a child under the age of three to solar stage, you may do so but, please be aware of the limitations of our situation.


At Solar Stage Children's Theatre we have very unique theatrical presentations that enrich the lives of our very unique audience very small children and much bigger adults. We have a small, intimate, and safe theatre environment that seats around 100 patrons. Because of the great difference in height, it is very difficult to find the perfect seating situation (chairs, cushions, a combination?) where all of our different sized patrons have a perfect sightline.

We have cushion areas down front for children to sit apart from their parents, we have a limited number of cushion areas in the middle of the theatre where parents and children can sit together; and we have chairs at the back for adults or children. We do encourage adults to enjoy the comfort of the chairs instead of sitting on the cushions, allowing more space for the children to see from the cushions. We recommend that if your children are too young to sit apart from you that you either come very early (minimum 1/2 hour early) or that you not bring children to our theatre until they are old enough to sit apart from you.

We cannot guarantee that there will be an area for you and your children to sit together with a completely clear sightline view of the stage.